Sweet n Simple Wedding Ceremony Outline

(Approximately 15 minutes long)


ANNOUNCEMENT - Officiant walks down the aisle and makes an announcement to the guests about silencing cell phones and whether or not pictures can be taken.



  • Music begins.

  • Groom walks down the aisle alone or escorts his parents to their seats then takes his place on Carmen’s left hand side.

  • Bridal party then walks down the aisle, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, MOH, BM, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl



  • Bridal Entrance music begins. 

  • Officiant asks the guests to stand. 

  • Bride and Escort walk down the aisle and stop a couple a feet away from the altar.  



  • Officiant will ask the Escort “Who presents the bride?”

  • Escort responds: “I her father” or “Her mother and I”

  • Escort gives Bride a kiss on the cheek meanwhile Groom walks up to Escort to shake hands.

  • Escort then takes Bride’s hand then places it in Groom’ hand.  

  • Escort takes a seat meanwhile Groom guides Bride towards the altar and stand facing each other holding hands.



WELCOMING WORDS - “We are gathered here in the presence of God…….”


MESSAGE TO THE COUPLE – “I would like to talk about the importance of Marriage and Love.”


VOWS - The couple may say their own vows or choose the “Repeat After Me” vows.


INTENT – Here I ask you if you take each other as spouses, and you respond with the “I do’s”



  • Officiant asks: “May we have the rings?”

  • Ring bearer brings the rings up and hands them to the groom.  

  • Bride puts her hands together with palms up ready to hold the rings.

  • The Groom takes the rings and places them in the waiting hands of Bride.

  • The Groom then cups his hands underneath and cradles Bride's hands. 


INTRODUCTION TO THE RINGS - The Officiant explains the meaning of the wedding rings.


  • Officiant asks the Groom to take Bride’s ring, take her left hand and repeat after the Officiant  meanwhile he places the ring on Bride's finger.  

  • Continue to hold hands, and twist hands over so that Groom’s hand is on top and Bride does the same.


UNITY CEREMONY –  This is an optional ritual that symbolizes the union of the couple. Eg. Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony.

PRONOUNCEMENT & KISS - “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife! You may kiss your Bride!”



  • Bride takes her bouquet 

  • Officiant: “It is my pleasure to present for the first time Mr. & Mrs. (last name)!”



  • Bride and  Groom walk up the aisle and exit. 

  • The Bridal Party exit.

  • Parents exit.


ANNOUNCEMENT - The Officiant makes an announcement to the guests in regards to cocktail hour, dinner time and/or reception information.