Sweet' n Simple Ceremony Sample 1

This is a Light Religious Non-Denominational English Ceremony with optional Spanish translation of parts  that are directed to the guests.

Ceremony is approximately 15-20 minutes.


Presentation of the Bride

“Marriage is a blessing but doubly blessed is the couple who come to the wedding altar with the approval and love of their family and friends”

Officiant to Brides Parent(s) or escort: (English or Spanish)

“Who has the honor of presenting this woman to be joined in marriage to this man?”

Opening Words

We are gathered here today in the presence of God, family and friends, to give thanks for the the gift of marriage and to witness the joining together of Bride and Groom.

On behalf of the Bride and Groom, I would like to express thanks and gratitude to you, and to all those very important persons involved in their lives that are not with us physically but remain with us spiritually in our hearts. For it is the love, strength, support, and encouragement of all these friends and family that has helped to carry Bride and Groom to this glorious day.


Message to the Couple


Bride, Groom; God knew your needs when he brought you together. HE knew exactly what you needed to make you complete. 
Today God wants you to accept each other as the one who completed you. 
Marriage is a gift from God, a miracle.  

It is an opportunity to feel the joy of taking care of someone who takes care of you, to be challenged towards growth yet gently nurtured, to love deeply, and receive it in return. 
It is about trust, friendship, and having a partner to share all life has to offer.
It is a commitment to participate in a process of mutual evolution, understanding, and forgiveness.

It is indeed a sacred union to be treated with reverence. 
Marriage is not a place to hide from the world. It is a safe place to grow and become wiser. 
It is a place to evolve into better people;

so that you can go out in the world and make a difference by spreading the joy and wisdom that you have found with each other.
Together in this marriage, you shall contribute more fully, for you both shall be more full.  
Marriage is a way of life, given by God, so that the husband and wife
may provide each other companionship, help, comfort, joy and most of all love. 

Introduction To Vows

Bride and Groom, as you stand here in the presence of God and these witnesses,

I remind you, that love, loyalty and trust are the basis of a mature and fulfilling relationship.

Marriage is a serious undertaking; it is intended to bind your lives together forever and is not to be taken lightly.
Your engagement set into motion the interweaving of your lives – and we hope that you will continue to grow closer throughout your years together.
None of us knows what the future will bring.
Yet your love for one another, and trust in the strength of your union makes possible the act of faith you are making today.
As you exchange the vows, which will start you on your journey together, know that our love and support go with you.

As you make your promises to each other, we will remember promises we too have made and take this opportunity to make new our own.

Repeat After Me
(say your own vows or repeat after me)

I, Groom, take you, Bride,   to be my partner in life.   I promise to walk by your side forever and to love, help, and encourage you in all that you do.   I will take the time to talk with you, listen to you,   and to care for you.   I will share your laughter and your tears as your partner, lover, and best friend.   Everything I am and everything I have is yours now and forevermore.
I, Bride, give myself to you, Groom,   on this our wedding day.   I will cherish our friendship,   and love you today, tomorrow, and forever.   I will trust you and honor you.   I will love you faithfully through the best and the worst,   through the difficult and the easy.   Whatever comes our way, I will be there always.   As I have given you my hand to hold,   so I give you my life to keep


Declaration of Intent

I remind you that marriage is a precious gift, a lifelong commitment, and a challenge to love one another more completely each and every day. 

Please join hands and look into each other’s eyes.


To Groom: Groom, will you have Bride to be your wife, to live with her, respect her, and love her as God intends with the promise of faithfulness, tenderness, and helpfulness, as long as you both shall live?

Groom Responds: I will

To Bride: Bride, will you have Groom to be your husband, to live with him, respect him, and love him as God intends with the promise of faithfulness, tenderness, and helpfulness as long as you both shall live?

Bride responds: I will


Ceremony of the Rings

Bride... Groom, the wedding ring is a symbol of eternity.  They are also a symbol of what God is, He has no beginning and no end. He is eternal.
As you can see, these rings have no beginning and no end.
When you give these rings to each other this signifies that there will be no end to your marriage and no end to the love and happiness that you will share for all eternity.


Ring Blessing

Dear Lord, bless these rings that Groom and Bride give today. May these rings always be a symbol of their faithfulness, a seal upon their vows, and a reminder of their love. Amen.


Ring Vows

Bride/Groom, as you place the ring on Groom/Bride’s finger, repeat after me.
Bride/Groom,/ I give you this ring/as a symbol of my love/ and faithfulness,  I ask that you always/ wear this ring,/ as a reminder of the vows/ we've spoken here today..”

Unity Ceremony

(Here you may choose an optional Unity Ceremony from samples)


Blessing of Marriage

Your two hearts now beating as one, your two souls now deeply joined anew - walk forward together, forever hand in hand. May your marriage be a lifelong celebration of love! May the courage of the early morning’s dawning, the strength of the eternal hills, the peace of the evening’s ending, and the love of God be in your hearts now and forever. Amen.


Now that the rituals are complete, you have pledged your love and faith to each other, sealed your vows in the giving and receiving of rings and have expressed your complete and pure dedication to one another before God and our gathering, by the power vested in me as an Officiant and the laws of this state, I now pronounce you husband and wife!

You may kiss the Bride!