The Quinceañera Blessing

Celebrate one of your daughter's most important days of her life with a beautiful personalized  modern coming of age ceremony. 

For a young woman, the moment when she turns fifteen years of age is a longed and awaited moment. It is an occasion that fills them with hope and high expectations as it represents a turning point in their lives, the beginning of a new stage, and of course they want to share this special moment with all her friends and family.  For this reason, your daughter expects a lot from you on that special day and one of the most important details of this occasion is her ceremony where one can take the opportunity to give thanks for this blessed moment in her life and to welcome her into adulthood while presenting her as an adult member of the community, fully ready to take on her share of responsibilities. 

I will work with you and follow your wishes on how you would like to present your daughter on her special day! We can meet in person to discuss the details and together plan the ceremony. It will be an honor and privilege to be a part of this very important event! 

Quinceanera Blessing Ceremony

There are two packages to choose from.


 The Simple Ceremony $325

     This is a sweet and touching ceremony the lasts     

      about 15 minutes from beginning to end. 

The Enhance Ceremony $425

     This is ceremony is a customized and personalized 

     that lasts about 30 minutes from beginning to end