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Please use the form below to check our availability! 


My Kiss n' Go! Ceremony Package  is a short "just make it legal" Civil Ceremony for couples who need to have their marriage solemnized. 

All you need to do is...

•    Meet with me at a location near me *

•    Bring your Marriage License.
•    Bring 1 or 2 witnesses

•    Bring the wedding rings. (not required)

•    Stand together for the ceremony.

•    Say "I do!"

•    Kiss 'n Go!

(CA law says one must be 18 years of age or older for Public License.  No witness needed for a Confidential License)

The price for this service is $200


  • The ceremony is approximately  3-5 minutes long. 

  • Although I normally do not charge for the number of guests, this package is only for the couple and 2  witnesses.  


  • No rehearsal is necessary.  Dressy or casual dress (your choice).

  • Full payment is due at time of booking.

  • The “Kiss ‘& Go” Ceremony is a limited offer and is subject to  availability.

  • Meeting location can be at a location 20 mile radius of 90631.

  • This package is not available at hotels, wedding venues, on holidays, or on special days (e.g., 12/12/12, Valentine’s Day, etc.). 

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