Wedding Ceremony with Filipino Traditions

Presentation of the Bride

"Who gives their blessing for this marriage?"

Opening Words

Good afternoon family and friends. It is with great pleasure that we gather today to witness the joining of two hearts in the marriage of Bride and Groom.

This is a special time of celebration that Bride and Groom will long remember, and because of this, they are thankful you are here to share their joy. They have known most of you for several years.  Some of you went to school with them, performed with them, some of you hiked with them and all of you watched them grow together. You have touched their lives in your own unique and special way, and by your presence  you demonstrate that you support their decision to live their lives together as husband and wife.


Bride and Groom, marriage is a supreme sharing of experience, and an adventure in the most intimate of human relationships. It is the joyous union of two people whose comradeship and mutual understanding have flowered in romance. Today Bride and Groom proclaim their love and commitment to the world, and we gather here to rejoice, with and for them, in the new life they now undertake together.

The joy we feel now is a solemn joy, because the act of marriage has many consequences, both social and personal. Marriage requires "love," a word we often use with vagueness and sentimentality. We may assume that love is some rare and mystical event, when in fact it is our natural state of being.


So what do we mean by love? When we love, we see things other people do not see. We see beneath the surface, to the qualities which make our beloved special and unique. To see with loving eyes, is to know inner beauty . And to be loved is to be seen, and known, as we are known to no other. One who loves us, gives us a unique gift: a piece of ourselves, but a piece that only they could give us.

We who love, can look at each other's life and say, "I touched his life," or, "I touched her life," just as an artist might say, "I touched this canvas." "Those brushstrokes in the comer of this magnificent mural, those are mine. I was a part of this life, and it is a part of me." Marriage is to belong to each other through a unique and diverse collaboration, like two threads crossing in different directions, yet weaving one tapestry together.

The secret of love and marriage is similar to that of religion itself. It is the emergence of the larger self. It is the finding of one's life by losing it. Such is the privilege of husband and wife - to be each himself, herself and yet another; to face the world strong, with the courage of two.


To make this relationship work, therefore, takes more than love. It takes trust, to know in your hearts that you want only the best for each other. It takes dedication, to stay open to one another, to learn and grow, even when it is difficult to do so. And it takes faith, to go forward together without knowing what the future holds for you both. While love is our natural state of being, these other qualities are not as easy to come by. They are not a destination, but a journey.

The true art of married life is in this an inner spiritual journey. It is a mutual enrichment, a give and take between two personalities, a mingling of two endowments which diminishes neither, but enhances both.




Here a family member or minister can share a reading or poem of the couple's choice. 


Unity Ceremony (intro)

We will now perform a traditional Filipinex unity ceremony.  

I invite NAME and NAME to join us and lay a veil over you.

I invite NAME and NAME to place a cord over you and

NAME and NAME to present the coins.


Individuals walk up

Song starts

1st sponsors put on veil

2nd sponsors put on cord

3rd sponsors present coins

Wait until song finishes



This veil is a symbol of the faithful love you have for each other. Through the passing of the years, let the veil remind you that you belong to each other and to no one else.



This cord symbolizes an infinite bond of love you share that keeps your relationship strong in the face of adversity, as well as that you both are no longer two, but one in marriage. May this cord remind you to face your life together courageously and to be mutual in support of each other in carrying out your duties and responsibilities as a couple. And, may your love grow stronger and bind you closer together through the years.



Originally, there was an understanding of husband as "bread winner" and wife as "home maker" so the coins were given and received not in a spirit of reciprocity but in a give/take relationship. Nowadays the coins are a reminder of good stewardship for all couples; that they will mutually support each other, their children and the world around them. May these coins forever symbolize your mutual support and responsibility.

The lighting of the Unity Candle

 Today you have decided to share the rest of your lives with each other. This beautiful union is now symbolized by the lighting of the Unity Candle. The candle you are about to light is a candle of Marriage.

The individual candles represent all that you are and all that you have been until this moment. It is a candle of Unity because both candles must come together to create the new light. Its fire is miraculous because it represents the light of two people in love. This candle is also a candle of Commitment because it takes two people working together to keep it ablaze. Love is like a flame; it has the heat of passion, it is constantly changing, its radiance is there for all to see and together you must protect it from being extinguished. GROOM/BRIDE and GROOM/BRIDE please light the center candle to symbolize the union of your lives.

 Today, as you have lit this candle, may the brightness of the flame shine throughout your lives together. May the twinkle of this one light be a testimony of your union. May this candle burn brightly as a symbol of your love and commitment to each other. The life that each of you experienced now, individually, will hereafter be united, for the two shall become one.



The vows you will take are beautiful words representing even more beautiful intentions. But you will find that as you live these vows over the years,  investing your time and your love and your commitment to one another, the happy times of your life will be twice as joyous, because there will be someone to share those joys with. And when life gets tough, it will only be half as bad, because there will be someone by your side to help carry the burden.


I now invite you to recite your vows to one another.


Declaration of Intent


Having freely chosen each other as partners for life, and in an expression of your total commitment to one another I ask you to look into each other’s eyes as I ask you:


Groom, do you take Bride to be your wife, to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others to be faithful to her as long as you both shall live? (I do)


Bride, do you take Groom to be your husband, to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others to be faithful to him as long as you both shall live? (I do)


Ring Exchange


May we have the rings?


The giving and receiving of rings is the most important part of a marriage ceremony because the rings are made in the symbol of that which is eternal.

There is no beginning and no end, and as you place these symbols on each other’s finger, it signifies that there shall be no end to your marriage and no end to the happiness that you will both share together.


Bride/Groom, I give you this ring / as a symbol of my love and faithfulness, / I ask you to wear this ring / as a reminder of the vows we have spoken / on this, our wedding day.



As you begin in your marriage, here are a few words you can take with you on your journey together….

Remember to treat both yourself and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together.

Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty or fear assail your relationship – as they threatened all relationships at one time or another – remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part that seems wrong.


In this way, you can ride out the times when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives – remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there.


And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your lives together, your life together will be marked by abundance and delight.




So since you Groom and you Bride have promised to give yourselves to one another and to love each other through the exchange of your vows and the giving and receiving of these rings,


By the power vested in me by the state of California and by the power of your love…….


I now pronounce you…….


Husband and Wife!!!


You may kiss the Bride!